she left
What are your questions to us?
paola isnt my friend anymore ok

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so, since we dont have any classes together, are we still going to be like, best friends?

yeah, we will! best friends forever. haha

yep, the psychopath and the weirdo!

hey! weirdo.



-lily and paola

well, guess what? we weren’t, Paola has a new best friend, and we are just friends. I guess this is goodbye.

thanks for everything, and the memories, my friends.

thank you for everything, and thank you for this blog to grow until now. maybe ill find a new best friend, but now paola has found someone, so, remember how i’ve always thought about how the blog would end? well, today is that day. thank you, and goodbye.

Lily: Not sure if you’re an old guy or…

Paola: Hum, beach.

Lily: Hey, at least I’m back!

Paola: And splatted a demented dog…

Paola: Pain amuses me… Muwahaha…

Lily: Woof…?

Anonymous asked: now answer them plz

well, there’s a rule on this blog, and i guess i’ll have to say them again!


1. If you ask a question just a random time, and not during or see a post that says “I WILL PRINT ALL QUESTIONS FOR PAOLA TO SEE…” So, in order for your question to be answered, and besides I have 91 questions to answer, and just one person who draws, you will need to wait. 

2. If your question isn’t interesting, or the magic anon isn’t interesting or seems too silly or doesn’t seem to be interested to entertain viewers, I will delete it, or if it’s not on anon, I will reply with a conversation from Lily and Paola privately to you.

3. Mostly I would try to do the questions in order from the oldest to newest, or if the question I’m on from the oldest selection doesn’t seem interesting or I don’t want to do it yet, I will then choose a random question that will entertain me to draw, and keep me going to answer all questions

4. I TRY TO MAKE THESE POSTS INTERESTING. I want my viewers to like these posts, or share them to other people, so I try to be as creative as possible, and try even on the simplest questions. So, thank you for the likers out there.

5. And again, I do have a lot of questions now, and I answer at least 1-2 questions a day. Or more if I’m lucky enough. I currently have 91 right now, so please wait, and if you can’t take it, you can request it, and say the specific question, and I will reply ((if you aren’t on anon)) privatley to say I will.

Thank you :)

Paola: But, we’ll never know!

Paola: Well, I might as well answer on my own  for 5 posts..?